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Turtle Earrings Sea Turtle Abalone shell LeverBack Earrings - Beach Wedding Gift

Turtle Earrings Sea Turtle Abalone shell LeverBack Earrings - Beach Wedding Gift

Make a splash with this stunning Sterling Silver Egg and Turtle with Abalone shell Lever Back Earrings with White CZ! The intricate details of the turtle's shell and flippers are beautifully crafted in high-quality silver, making it the perfect accessory for the beach and nautical-themed outfits.
As a brand committed to eco-friendly manufacturing processes, we are proud to partner with Ocean Blue Project non-profit and contribute to cleaning the ocean. For every item sold, we remove one pound of plastic from the ocean, helping to protect our sea life, including the majestic sea turtle.
Sea turtles are incredible creatures that have been around for millions of years, symbolizing longevity, endurance, and protection. Unfortunately, they are also endangered due to human activity, making it more important than ever to support conservation efforts.
So wear this Silver and Abalone shell Sea Turtle Earring with pride, knowing that not only are you adding a stylish piece to your collection, but you are also helping to make a difference in the world.
•High-quality Silver and Abalone shell Stone
•Intricately crafted sea turtle design
•Perfect accessory for the beach and nautical-themed outfits
•Abalone shell stone brings emotional balance and calmness
•Sea turtles symbolize longevity, endurance, and protection
•Supports ocean conservation through a partnership with Ocean Blue Project non-profit
•One pound of plastic removed from the ocean for every item sold
•Eco-friendly manufacturing processes
•Eco packaging to reduce plastic waste
Here are the dimension details:
Total Weight7.00 g
Length36.34 mm
Width15.88 mm
Height4.53 mm
Total Stone Weight3.1 ct
Metal TypeSterling Silver
Main StoneAbalone
Main Stone Quantity2
Main Stone Weight2.8 ct
Main Stone Length12.00 mm
Main Stone Width9.00 mm
Secondary Stone Quantity12
Secondary Stone Weight0.4 ct
Secondary Stone Length1.50 mm
Secondary Stone Width1.50 mm
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