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Sterling Silver Pendant with Black Spinel Wave and Round Simulated Blue Opal

Sterling Silver Pendant with Black Spinel Wave and Round Simulated Blue Opal


Ride the waves with this stunning silver and Simulated Blue Opal pendant. The intricate wave design captures the essence of the ocean and the beauty of nature.


Made with eco-friendly materials and packaging, this pendant is not only stylish but also supports our mission to clean the ocean. For every item sold, we remove one pound of plastic from the ocean through our partnership with Ocean Blue Project nonprofit.


Crafted with high-quality silver and genuine Larimar stone, this pendant is a unique addition to your jewelry collection. Larimar, also known as the "Atlantis stone," is believed to promote peace, clarity, and healing, making it a perfect complement to the calming energy of the ocean.


Our commitment to sustainability and eco-friendly practices is reflected in our manufacturing process, which uses minimal plastic and eco-packaging materials. When you wear this pendant, you can feel confident that you are making a positive impact on the environment.


•    Beautiful silver and Larimar pendant with intricate wave design
•    Eco-friendly materials and packaging
•    Made with high-quality silver and genuine Larimar stone
•    Supports our mission to clean the ocean - one pound of plastic removed for every item sold
•    Nautical and ocean-inspired, perfect for beach lovers
•    Unique addition to your jewelry collection
•    Promotes peace, clarity, and healing, according to the properties of Larimar stone
•    Perfect as a gift for her on any occasion


Here are the dimension details:

Total Weight    2.89g
Length    28.42 mm
Width    16.29 mm
Height    4.1 mm
Total Stone Weight    0.8 ct
Metal Type    Sterling Silver
Finish (plating)    Rhodium
Main Stone    Blue Opal
Main Stone Quantity    1
Main Stone Weight    0.8 ct
Main Stone Length    6.00 mm
Main Stone Width    6.00 mm
Secondary Stone Quantity    6
Secondary Stone Weight    0.0 ct
Secondary Stone Length    1.75 mm
Secondary Stone Width    1.75 mm
Tertiary Stone Quantity    2
Tertiary Stone Weight    0.0 ct

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