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Seahorse Necklace - 925 Sterling Silver Animal Necklace Nautical Gift for Woman

Seahorse Necklace - 925 Sterling Silver Animal Necklace Nautical Gift for Woman

SKU: PCH-530

This stunning Sea Horse Silver Pendant captures the beauty and grace of the sea horse, an amazing creature that symbolizes patience, friendliness, and good luck. Handcrafted by skilled artisans, this pendant features a silver sea horse that reflects the colors of the ocean.


At Oceano Azure, we are committed to preserving the beauty of the ocean and supporting its inhabitants. That's why we partnered with Ocean Blue Project, a non-profit organization dedicated to cleaning the ocean and preserving marine life. For every Sea Horse Silver and Larimar Pendant sold, we pledge to remove one pound of plastic from the ocean. We also use eco-friendly manufacturing processes with minimum plastic and eco-friendly packaging materials.


Sea horses are fascinating creatures that swim upright and have a prehensile tail that can grasp onto objects. They come in a variety of colors and sizes and can be found in the shallow and warm waters of tropical and temperate seas around the world. Sea horses mate for life and are known for their unique courtship dance.


Wear this Sea Horse Silver Pendant as a reminder of the beauty and fragility of the ocean and the importance of preserving it for future generations. This pendant is a perfect gift for beach lovers, nautical enthusiasts, and anyone who appreciates the wonders of the sea.


•    Handcrafted Sea Horse Silver
•    Symbolizes Patience, Friendliness, and Good Luck
•    Supports Ocean Conservation and Marine Life Preservation
•    Removes One Pound of Plastic from the Ocean per Item Sold
•    Eco-Friendly Manufacturing Processes with Minimum Plastic and Eco Packaging Materials
•    Fascinating Creature that Swims Upright and Has a Prehensile Tail
•    Perfect Gift for Beach Lovers, Nautical Enthusiasts, and Anyone Who Appreciates the Wonders of the Sea

Total Weight: 4.41 G

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