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Sterling Silver Starfish with Abalon shell Pendant - Sea Life Beach Silver 925 J

Sterling Silver Starfish with Abalon shell Pendant - Sea Life Beach Silver 925 J

SKU: NP11010-ABL

This beautiful starfish pendant features a genuine Abalone Shell stone set in high-quality silver. The Abalone Shell stone is known for its soothing and calming energy, making it a perfect addition to your beach and nautical jewelry collection.


The starfish is a symbol of regeneration and renewal, as well as a reminder of the vast diversity of marine life in our oceans. Wear this pendant as a daily reminder of the natural beauty that surrounds us.

Our starfish pendant is handmade with love and care and crafted using sustainable and eco-friendly materials. We believe in preserving the natural beauty of our oceans and keeping them clean for future generations.


This pendant comes with a delicate silver chain and is packaged in eco-friendly materials. With every purchase, we commit to removing one pound of plastic from the ocean through our partnership with Ocean Blue Project non-profit organization.


•    Beautiful starfish silver and Abalone Shell pendant
•    Genuine Abalone Shell stone with soothing and calming energy
•    Symbol of regeneration and renewal
•    Handmade with sustainable and eco-friendly materials
•    Comes with delicate silver chain and eco-friendly packaging
•    Partnered with Ocean Blue Project to remove one pound of plastic from the ocean per item sold
•    Perfect for beach and nautical jewelry collection
•    Makes a great gift for any ocean lover
•    Women's sea life necklace that complements any outfit

Here are the dimension details:


Jewelry Type    Pendant
Total Weight    5.67 g
Length    31.0 mm
Width    21.13 mm
Height    5.5 mm
Total Stone Weight    3.0 ct
Metal Type    Sterling Silver
Main Stone    Abalone

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