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Sterling Silver Anchor Lever Back Earrings with Simulated Blue opal and Blue Top

Sterling Silver Anchor Lever Back Earrings with Simulated Blue opal and Blue Top


Add a touch of nautical charm to your jewelry collection with our Silver and Simulated Blue Opal Ship Anchor Earring. This unique piece is perfect for anyone who loves the ocean and beach lifestyle. Our jewelry is not only stylish but also eco-friendly, and we partner with the Ocean Blue Project non-profit to clean the ocean. For every item sold, we remove one pound of plastic from the ocean.


Crafted with high-quality silver and a stunning Simulated Blue Opal stone, this earring is designed to last. Simulated Blue Opal is a beautiful blue stone that is only found in the Dominican Republic and is believed to bring a sense of calm and tranquility to its wearer. The intricate design of the ship anchor symbolizes strength and stability, making this pendant a meaningful gift for anyone going through a tough time.


Our jewelry is made using eco-friendly manufacturing processes and minimal plastic. We also use eco-packaging materials to minimize our impact on the environment.


•    Beautiful Silver and Simulated Blue Opal Ship Anchor Earring
•    Unique Nautical Design Perfect for Ocean and Beach Lovers
•    Eco-Friendly Manufacturing Processes with Minimal Plastic
•    Eco-Packaging Materials
•    Partnered with Ocean Blue Project Non-Profit to Clean the Ocean
•    One Pound of Plastic Removed from the Ocean for Every Item Sold

Order yours today and make a statement with our Silver and Blue Opal Ship Anchor Earring!


Here are the dimension details:


Jewelry Type    Earrings

Total Weight    3.82 g
Length    7.5mm
Width    14.96 mm
Height    3.50 mm
Total Stone Weight    0.5 ct
Metal Type    Sterling Silver
Main Stone    Blue Opal
Main Stone Quantity    2
Main Stone Weight    0.5 ct
Main Stone Length    7.00 mm
Main Stone Width    6.00 mm
Secondary Stone    London Blue Topaz
Secondary Stone Quantity    2
Secondary Stone Weight    0.0 ct
Secondary Stone Length    1.25 mm
Secondary Stone Width    1.25 mm
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